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System connection

Stock trading at YSX and post-trading operation is conducted by ICT system, and messages between securities companies and YSX are exchanged through encrypted internet VPN network. Here below is required procedure to connect securities company’s system.


Submitting “Application on YSX system specification”

Any securities companies authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SECM”) or ICT companies having intention to develop systems for a securities company (“applicants”) are able to receive the “YSX system specification” after submitting application form to ICT Department of YSX.

Contact: ICT Department
žTel: 01-371276

Preparation for connection

Followings are required preparation for applicants before starting connection test:

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  • 1 Mbps and more bandwidth is recommended for internet connection.

  • Global IP address is required for a unicast connection with YSX.


  • VPN equipment (D-Link DSR-500 or similar spec is recommended)

  • Firewall

  • FIX server and SFTP server(s)

Submitting “YSX System Connection Application Form”

After completion of preparation for connection, applicants submits “Application for YSX System Connectivity” to ICT Department of YSX.

Connection test

Establishing VPN connection

YSX and applicants exchange Global IP address and other information for VPN connection and applicants conducts VPN connection test with YSX.

Assigning Private IP Address

YSX assigns Private IP addresses and other detailed information to following device of applicants in order to connect with YSX system.

  • VPN device

  • Firewall

  • FIX server

  • SFTP server(s)

Following procedure is only for applicant securities companies.

Scenario test

An applicant securities company conducts and completes regular scenario test, irregular scenario test, system failure scenario test and business operation test. It will take around at least 3 months to complete whole process of the tests.

Test assessment and obtaining Trading Qualification

An applicant securities company is able to obtain Trading Qualification of YSX after receiving securities business license issued by SECM, meeting all requirements of the qualification and passing scenario test assessment conducted by YSX.

Connecting with the production environment

The securities company obtaining the Trading Qualification (“trading participant”) connects its ICT system with YSX’s production environment.

Opening a settlement account

Before starting actual stock trade at YSX, a trading participant have to open a settlement account in the fund settlement bank for daily settlement operation between YSX and the trading participant.


YSX makes decision of go-live of the trading participant’s stock trading and the trading participant commences stock trading                         operation from the day.


ICT Department
Tel: 01-371276