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About MB



MAIN BOARD (MB) is a market board of YSX which was designed for trading listed stocks of companies, known as LISTED COMPANIES obtained listing approval after passed through listing examination conducted by YSX in accordance with provisions of Securities Listing Business Regulations and Enforcement Regulations for Securities Listing Business Regulations. On the Main Board, only listed companies’ shares are allowed to trade by investors and also called LISTING BOARD of YSX.


There are (8) listed companies whose shares are trading on the Main Board (MB) of YSX namely;






YSX Listed Securities Company Name Code Listed Date
   First Myanmar Investment Co., Ltd. (FMI)  00001  25-Mar-2016
   Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holding Public Ltd.(MTSH)  00002  20-May-2016
   Myanmar Citizens Bank Ltd. (MCB)  00003  26-Aug-2016
   First Private Bank Ltd.(FPB)  00004  20-Jan-2017
   TMH Telecom Public Co., Ltd.(TMH)  00005  26-Jan-2018
   Ever Flow River Group Public Co., Ltd.(EFR)  00006  28- May-2020
 Amata Holding Public Co., Ltd. (AMATA) 00007 3- June-2021
   Myanmar Agro Exchange Public Co., Ltd. (MAEX)  00008  3-Jul-2023


(For company detail: https://ysx-mm.com/main-board/listing/company/)



A public company which wants to trade their stocks on the Main Board (MB), needs to fulfilled with following minimum listing criteria (17) which was issued by YSX on 25th July 2015 in accordance with the Article 41- (b) of Myanmar Securities and Exchange Law, and submit “Initial listing application” as specified by provisions of Securities Listing Business Regulation and Enforcement Regulation of Securities Listing Business Regulation.


The following steps need to be done to get listing approval on the Main Board (MB) and it can be called LISTING PROCESS;



(For more information: https://ysx-mm.com/main-board/listing-procedure/)


Both local and foreign investors can trade listed stocks on the Main Board (MB) by sending buy or sell orders through securities companies which are holding securities business license issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (SECM) as well as trading qualification provide by YSX.
(For more information about securities companies: https://ysx-mm.com/trading/tradingparticipant/)

On the Main Board (MB), trading orders are accepted during following trading hours in accordance with provisions of Trading Business Regulations of YSX;


Order Entry Period

(YSX stores buy/sell orders sent by securities companies during the periods)

Call Auction Period

(YSX conducts buy/sell orders matching)


  09:30~10:00   10:00
  10:00~10:30   10:30
  10:30~11:00   11:00
  11:00~11:30   11:30
  11:30~12:00   12:00
  12:00~12:30   12:30
  12:30~13:00   13:00


(For more detail (local investors): https://ysx-mm.com/trading/trading-procedure-for-local/)
(For more detail (foreign investors) : https://ysx-mm.com/trading/trading-procedure-for-foreigner/)