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Registration Procedure

Registration Criteria for Pre Listing Board (PLB)

# A candidate company need to fulfil following criteria before registration at the Pre Listing Board (PLB).

Procedure for Pre Listing Board (PLB)

# The procedure for Pre Listing Board is designed for unlisted public company to be registered promptly.
# The registration process can be done within (10) days.

Appointment of Registration Adviser is recommended before submitting application for registration on PLB.

# Registration Application Documents

A candidate company need to submit;

  • Stock Initial Registration Application Form

  • Annual Report (or) Business Report

  • Copy of Prospectus (in case of IPO or issuing new shares)

  • Letter of Recommendation and Market Value assessment

  • Registration Agreement

  • Lock-up Agreement

  • Schedule of Offering of New Shares or Existing Shares

  • Certification Concerning Tax Duty

  • Written Oath concerning (AML) and (CFT)

  • Other Document (deemed necessary by YSX)