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Index data

Stock Price Index




MYANPIX (Myanmar Stock Price Index), which Registration number is 4/8680/2016 and 4/8681/2016, is YSX-calculated stock price index, which represents price fluctuation of an overall stock market and becomes basic tools to describe Myanmar’s stock market for investors. MYANPIX started to be calculated from 25th March 2016, the first trading date of YSX.


Index profile

  Index Name   MYANPIX (Myanmar Stock Price Index)
  Type   Market capitalization-weighted index
  Constituent   All the ordinary stocks listed on the YSX
  Base date   25th March 2016
  Base point   MMK 1,000*
  Latest base market value   MMK 1,886,183,446,915.6600 (from 4th Jul. 2023)

* Unit value of a stock index calculated in a method of Market capitalization-weight is, in principle, “point”. MYANPIX, however, adopts  “Myanmar Kyats (MMK)” as its unit value as YSX put investors understandability ahead of mathematical precision.


Calculation methods






Calculation example

Base point = MMK 1,000
Base market value (BMV) = MMK 100 billion


Stock A: Price = MMK 10,000, No. of shares = 4,000,000
Stock B: Price = MMK 15,000, No. of shares = 2,000,000
Stock C: Price = MMK 12,000, No. of shares = 5,000,000


CMV = (Market cap. of Stock A + Market cap. of Stock B + Market Cap. of Stock C)
         = MMK 10,000 * 4,000,000 shares + MMK 15,000 * 2,000,000 shares + MMK 12,000 * 5,000,000 shares
         = MMK 130 billion


                 = MMK 130 billion / MMK 100 billion * MMK 1,000
                 = MMK 1,300










YSX reserves all calculation, publication, logos and other rights pertaining to YSX-calculated Indices. As such, commercial use of such indices in the composition and/or sale of financial products such as funds or linked bonds, including using the index as the basis for options, swaps, warrants, or other OTC derivatives, or provision of index data requires a license from YSX.