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Market holiday

YSX’s market holidays are Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and Bank holidays. Please check following market holidays of National and Bank holidays.

Market holidays in 2023


Date Holiday
4th January, Wednesday Independence Day
12th February, Sunday Union Day
2nd March, Thursday Peasant’s Day
5th March, Sunday Fullmoon Day of Tabaung
27th March, Monday Armed Forces Day
1st April, Saturday Bank Holiday
9th April, Sunday Thingyan Festival
10th April, Monday Thingyan Festival
11th April, Tuesday Thingyan Festival
12th April, Wednesday Thingyan Festival
13th April, Thursday Thingyan Festival
14th April, Friday Thingyan Festival
15th April, Saturday Thingyan Festival
16th April, Sunday Thingyan Festival
17th April, Monday Thingyan Festival
1st May, Monday World Worker’s Day
3rd May, Wednesday Full Moon Day of Kasong
29th June, Thursday Eid Holiday *
19th July, Wednesday Martyr’s Day
1st August, Tuesday Full Moon Day of Waso
1st October, Sunday Bank Holiday
28th October, Saturday Thadingyut Festival
29th October, Sunday Thadingyut Festival
30th October, Monday Thadingyut Festival
TBD Deepavali Holiday *
26th November, Sunday Tazaungdaing Festival
27th November, Monday Tazaungdaing Festival
7th December, Thursday National Day
25th December, Monday Christmas Day

* Announced by the government normally 1 to 2 weeks prior to each holiday.
** Holidays Substitution