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Basic Course

1. Joining seminars & events

YSX holds many educational programs such as seminars and events and please make a registration of the activities via Seminar & Events page.

Learning materials

Subject Update Materials
Capital Markets and Capitalism 16th Dec. 2016 pdf
The Stock and Corporation 16th Dec. 2016 pdf
Understanding Capital Markets and YSX 8th Jan. 2024 pdf
YSX Touring Program MM 2023 6th Mar. 2024 pdf
Listing on a stock exchange Under drafting – –
Basics of a stock investment Under drafting – –





To learn basics of a stock market, the best way is to see and feel the market with your own experiences. YSX has prepared followings to meet your interests and is happy to improve our educational activities to meet all of your expectations.

2. Visiting YSX

YSX opens the Ground floor for you during trading hours, from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, and you can enjoy:
seeing stock trading situation with large LFD boards
making inquiries to staff of YSX and securities companies
reading books stored in YSX library
having great coffee in the Y’s cafe and shopping at the souvenir shop

3. Getting YSX’s information

You are able to see the basic information about our stock market via this website.
  Overview of a stock trading of the day         > Market summary
  Each company’s stock trading of the day     > Stock trading data
  Information about listed companies             > Company list
  Disclosure documents of listed companies  > Disclosure
  Stock trading procedure                               > Trading procedure(Local) , Trading procedure(Foreigner)
●  Company’s listing procedure                        > Listing procedure

You are also able to get many valuable and timely information via YSX’s official Facebook page.


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