Listing Consulting Division


Establishment of Listing Consulting Division

shape-square-icon Listing Consulting Division has been officially formed under Listing and Trading Participant Department in line with the approval of Board of Directors Meeting which was held on 25th March 2018.
shape-square-icon The operations were started on 2nd April 2018.
shape-square-icon FAQ version one was posted on YSX website on 4th June 2018 in order for interested parties to easily understand about listing on YSX. Version two is now under preparation and will be uploaded afterwards.


Main Functions

shape-square-icon To facilitate the candidate companies (local and foreign) and related organizations thereof (securities companies, law firms, accounting firms, etc.).
shape-square-icon To illuminate the realizing about listing criteria, listing business regulations, listing examination procedures, and any other matters or issues relevant to listing on YSX.
shape-square-icon To flexibly respond the various questions and consultation matters arising in the process of listing preparation.
shape-square-icon To support the further development of Myanmar Capital Market.