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2nd January 2023

Notice of Trade Suspension for Splitting FPB Shares from 10th January, 2023 to 13th January, 2023

*Since FPB has made an announcement of share splitting into ten (10) shares for existing (1) share and the last day to trade is on 9th January 2023, given that “Record Day” for share splitting is as of 12th January 2023 and hence YSX hereby notify the necessary trading suspension for FPB share trading.

*The share trading for FPB on the Exchange will be suspended for (4) days including non-exchange transaction transfer (NETT) so as to split the share of the FPB’s share settled on the Record Day due to YSX’s (T+3) settlement cycle.

*Thus, FPB’s share trading will be suspended starting from 10th January, 2023 to 13th January, 2023. The trading for FPB share will be resumed on 16th January, 2023. The new base price after post-split for FPB share will be announced accordingly.


  • The respective dates for each event are mentioned with graph as below for easy understanding.


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