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11th Jan. 2018

Announcement of listing date and the base price (TMH)

Yangon Stock Exchange is pleased to announce that the listing date for TMH Telecom Public Co. Ltd. is 26th January 2018 (It is subject to change as per instruction from SECM).
The base price of TMH (00005) which is the Offering Price according to the result of Book Building Process, its upper and lower limit price, and tick size of the listing date are as follow:
● Base price: MMK 3,000
● Upper limit price: MMK 3,500
● Lower limit price: MMK 2,500
● Tick size: MMK 50
“Base price” is the price to determine the “upper and lower limit price” of the day. The price is not intended to mean a kind of predetermined or anticipated matching price.
Investors may place a “Limit order” at any price between the upper and lower limit price or “Market order” not to name the price for gaining priority to buy or sell a stock.
If investors place a Market order, it does not mean it will always be matched at the base price. It can be matched between the upper and lower limit price based on the balance of supply and demand.



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