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24th March 2016

Announcement of the base price

The base price of FMI (00001) to be listed on YSX on 25th March 2016 and its upper and lower limit price of the listing date is as follows;

● Base price: MMK 26,000
● Upper limit price: MMK 31,000
● Lower limit price: MMK 21,000

“Base price” is the price to determine the “upper and lower limit price” of the day. The price is not intended to mean a kind of predetermined or anticipated matching price.

Investors may place a “Limit order” at any price between the upper and lower limit price or “Market order” not to name the price for gaining priority to buy or sell a stock.

If investors place a Market order, it doesn’t mean it will always be matched at the base price. It can be matched between the upper and lower limit price based on balance of supply and demand.


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