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27th June 2016

Explanation of a Record day

A listed company makes an announcement of a “Record day” and the company’s shareholders being on its shareholders list at 11:59 pm on the Record day are entitled to receive dividends and voting rights to be exercised at the company’s Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with the Business Registration of YSX, share trading at YSX is settled no later than 3 business days after the trading date (T+3 settlement) and shares are delivered to the buyers and registered on the settlement day.

In order to be entitled to company’s dividend and voting rights on the Record day, an investor must buy shares at YSX by the close of trading or a shareholder must hold shares until  11:59 pm on the Last day to trade”, which is 3 business days prior to the Record day.

Shareholders who do not have a securities account and are registered in a company’s Special Account at 11:59 pm on the Record day are also entitled to receive dividends and voting rights.

Information such as fixed dividend amount to be resolved by the Annual General Meeting, dividend payment scheme and payment day will be published by the company after holding the Annual General Meeting.











In case a Record day is 7th July 2016, the Last day to trade and Ex-day are as follows:

Last day to trade 4th July 2016
Ex-day 5th July 2016
Record day 7th July 2016

An investor who buys shares on or before 4th July 2016 (Last day to trade) is able to receive dividend, while an investor who buys shares on and on or after 5th July 2016 (Ex-day) is unable to receive dividend.

A shareholder who sells shares on or before 4th July 2016 (Last day to trade) is unable to receive dividend, while a shareholder who sells shares on or after 5th July 2016 (Ex-day) is able to receive dividend.



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