15th Jul. 2019 Trade Suspension for TMH Shares from 24th to 31st July, 2019
26th Jun. 2019 Announcement of Changing the Time of FMI's small Media Conference
24th Jun. 2019 Announcement for Media Conference
4th Jun. 2019 Announcement of one month training course-006/2019
3rd Jun. 2019 Announcement to Listed Companies
10th Apr. 2019 Notice of Market Holidays -13th to 17th April 2019
28th Mar. 2019 Notice of a market holiday -1st April 2019
26th Mar. 2019 Appreciativeness for YSX’s 3rd Anniversary Reception
21st Jan 2019 Financial Information of Listed Companies
15th Jan 2019 Announcement of Posting Mini Guidebook for Listing
7th Dec 2018 Awarding Ceremony for Lucky Draw 2018
29th Oct. 2018 Announcement of one month training course-005/2018
22nd Oct. 2018 Announcement of Posting FAQs (Version 2)
17th Oct. 2018 Amendments of Securities Listing Business Regulations, Enforcement Regulations and Listing Criteria
17th Oct. 2018 Notice of a market holiday -7th November 2018
27th Sep. 2018 Notice of a market holiday -1st October 2018
13th Sept. 2018 Thanks letter for YSX EXPO 2018
13th Sep. 2018 News Released for YSX EXPO 2018
30th Aug. 2018 Adjustment of the base market value for calculating MYANPIX
28th Aug. 2018 Announcement of Base Price and Trade Resumption Date for FMI