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Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Co., Ltd. (00002)

As of 23rd October, 2019

Company profile

   Company Name    Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Co., Ltd. (MTSH)
   Code    00002    ISIN code   MM0000200004
   Date formed    3rd May 2013    Management   U Kyaw Zaw Wai (Chief Executive Officer)
   Date listed    20th May 2016    Financial year FY 2019: 1st April to 30th September
FY 2019-2020: 1st October to 31st March
   Phone 01- 2301731,
2301772~3, 230 1853
   Email  Info@mtshmyanmar.com
   Address Shwe Zabu River View Complex : 23 G-1, No. 3B, Tower (A), 9th Floor (Penthouse), Strand Road, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

MTSH is a public company that owns shares and invests in other companies engaged in real estate development in Myanmar. It was established by a Myanmar consortium comprising of nine principal shareholders primarily (but not exclusively) for the purpose of participating in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (Thilawa SEZ) Project.

The Thilawa SEZ Project is primarily an industrial park development, which the Myanmar Government and the Japanese Government have agreed to cooperate to develop and also include logistic zones, Residential and Commercial development.

MTSH’s principal business activities are as follows:

  • Investment in Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Ltd. (MJTD), the joint venture company undertaking the development, construction, marketing, lease, sale and operation of the Zone A Project. Apart from being a shareholder in MJTD, MTSH has a Management Agreement with MJTD. MTSH also has a Marketing Agreement with MJTD to separately seek out and secure possible tenants/locators for Thilawa SEZ Zone A Project.

  • Investment in Thilawa Property Development (TPD), which will engage in the development, construction, marketing, sale and operation the Residential and Commercial Component of the Zone A Project.

  • Engage in the development of the Thilawa SEZ (other than the Zone A Area) or any part thereof as may be determined by our Directors in their discretion.

MTSH plans to create and ensure long-term value by investing in other real estate development projects in the Thilawa SEZ and in Myanmar (other than in the Thilawa SEZ), as may be allowed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association and Applicable Laws.

Although the Company believes that majority of its earnings in the next few years will still come from MJTD and TPD and its current projects, it recognizes that it is important for the Company to expand in order to diversify its sources of earnings and to make sure that the Company has recurring and dependable income.

   Website http://www.mtshmyanmar.com
   Detailed profile    cp_00002_en_23102019.pdf


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